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There are 852 staff on the Faculty of Medicine:

The representative of the Faculty is Dean Igor Švab, Professor PhD.

Other representatives of the Faculty are Vice Dean for Medicine Tomaž Marš, Professor PhD, Vice Dean for Dental Medicine Janja Jan, Professor PhD, Vice Dean for science and research Ksenija Geršak, Professor PhD and Vice Dean for professional medical activities Miroslav Petrovec, Professor PhD.
The organization of the Faculty is divided into three parts; Department of Undergraduate Study, Department of Postgraduate Study and Department of Professional Medical Activities, coordinated by Vice Dean for professional activities Miroslav Petrovec, Professor PhD.
The Department of Undergraduate Study is divided into two sections; the Section of Medicine is lead by Vice Dean for Medicine Tomaž Marš, Professor PhD and Section of Dental Medicine lead by Vice Dean for Dental medicine Janja Jan, Professor PhD.
The Department of Professional Medical Activities consists of Institute of Microbiology and Immunology lead by Miroslav Petrovec Professor PhD, Institute of Pathology lead by the Principal Jože Pižem, Professor PhD, and Institute of Forensic Medicine lead by Principal Jože Balažič, Professor PhD.

Within the framework of the Department of Professional Activities there are also systemized centers and laboratories for Professional Medical Activities.
Teaching and scientific research work is carried out by departments, institutes and individual centers and laboratories within the individual faculty institutes.
The lead secretary of the Faculty is secretary general with assistant secretaries Marija Martinčič and Sonja Leben.
The secretariat is divided to Financial Accounting Service lead by Klara Purkat, Personnel Department lead by Mirjam Trček, Graduate and Postgraduate Office, Student office lead by Maruša Vukelič and Technical Maintenance Service lead by Renato Gotovina.
Central Medical Library within the Faculty is lead by Ana Marija Rožič, MA.

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