Erasmus Practical Training


The Faculty of Medicine accepts within the Erasmus programme as well Erasmus placement students. The faculty can accept the students who want to do clinical rotations at different departments or research projects. Clinical rotations in pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine and surgery are available to the students of the last year and to those who have already passed the theoretical exams in those fields. Since we get a lot of applications, we can not accept all of them. We give priority to the students from our partner universities. Especially in the summer months it is more challenging to get a place. If you are considering coming to the Faculty of Medicine, please follow the below written steps. Please upload the following documents until 31st January 2018 (for the placement in summer 2018) to our online system:

Online applications (please apply by 31st January 2018)

On the basis of those documents and your training agreement we will be able to let you know if the Faculty of Medicine can accept you.



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