Courses Information

Exchange students can only choose courses from our curriculum. Since the Faculty of Medicine is finishing the reform system of the Medicine programme some changes to the programme can occur. A valid curriculum will be always posted on the web page. We provide a special programme for the Erasmus students and that is why we can not be as flexible as we would like to. Some courses are just one semester courses so we ask the Erasmus students to check the schedule beforehand. In the 6th year we offer the exchange students clinical rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery and Primarly health Care (Family Medicine). Only students from the last year can choose this option. If students from other years (4th and 5th) would like to attend them they first have to listen to the lectures and the seminars and only afterwards they can attend the clinical rotations. It is also obligatory for students who want to do clinical rotations in Surgery that they pass a colloquium in Ljubljana. Literature for the colloquium is provided in advance.



In this part you can find the specification for some of the subject. We will try to give the same information for all other subjects as well.